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PDF Guide Specifications for Precast Concrete Products

2. For proprietary precast concrete units, the precast concrete producer may supply standard plans or informative literature. Supporting calculations and design details shall be available upon request. The Precast concrete producer shall warrant that such products will perform the intended task. B. Shop Drawings 1.

Concrete Repair - National Precast Concrete Association

AASHTO R73-16, "Standard Practice for Evaluation of Precast Concrete Drainage Product" ICRI 320.3R, "Guideline for Inorganic Repair Material Data Sheet Protocol" ICRI RAP-10, "Leveling and Reprofiling of Vertical and Overhead Surfaces" NPCA Quality Control Manual for Precast Concrete Plants, 12th EDITION.

Precast Concrete Foundations- Features and Advantages

Precast concrete foundation construction is an off-site construction technique in which the foundation units are pre-engineered and manufactured in a controlled environment. These units as are pre-engineered, their capacities or the limits are communicated with the purchaser to produce the desired unit. Some of the important features, advantages and disadvantages of pre-cast concrete ...

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03 0553 - Concrete Color Additives. 03 0555 - Concrete Admixtures/Additives. 03 0557 - Concrete Chemicals (General) 03 0570 - Corrosion Protection. 03 0580 - Vapor & Radon Retarder Membranes (Under slab) 03 1000 - Concrete Forming and Accessories. 03 1100 - Cast-in-Place Forming. 03 1130 - Form Liners.

F001 Precast Concrete Piling Tech Sheet - TERRADRIVE | Piling

SAFETY. No manual handling of component materials on site,. No 'wet' concrete work,. No open bores or excavations,. Piles readily identifiable when installed - ...

US4588327A - Precast concrete pile and method of placing it

A precast concrete pile which includes a tapered end with alternating enlarged cross-sections and contracted cross-sections through its length. The concrete pile is driven into the ground together with a soil solidifying supply pipe and a cement slurry supply pipe.


For both ordinary precast concrete piles and prestressed precast concrete piles, the limiting driving tension is governed by the yield strength of the reinforcement with no Master Pile Foundations Section 02351 Construction General Specification Page 2 allowance for tensile strength of the concrete.


C990 Standard Specification for Joints for Concrete Pipe, Manholes, and Precast Box Sections Using Preformed Flexible Joint Sealants C1417 Standard Specification for Manufacture of Reinforced Concrete Sewer, Storm Drain, and Culvert Pipe for Direct Design C1479 Standard Specification for Installation of Precast Concrete Sewer, Storm

Diamond Precast Concrete - Precast Concrete Spec Sheets

Diamond Precast Concrete, LLC 3159 E Bristol Road Burton, Michigan, 48529. 810-422-9146

Index 455-440 Precast Concrete Sheet Pile Wall (CFRP/GFRP

AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications; Fiber Reinforced Polymer. Guidelines (FRPG) ... Structural Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars; ACI 440.4 Prestressing Concrete. Structures with ... 455-14-AA Concrete Sheet Piling. LF. 455-87.

Manufacturing Standards for Precast Concrete Products

MANUFACTURING STANDARDS FOR PRECAST CONCRETE PRODUCTS (MSPCP) City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services Engineering Services Materials Testing Lab 1405 N. River Street Portland, OR 97227 Phone: 503-823-2340 Fax: 503-823-2342 March 2009 .

Brochure-Terra-precast-and-prestressed-piles Precast Piles

12794:2006+A1) CE Marking for precast concrete products - displacement piles ... Procedure included in the TERRATEST Quality Assurance Manual means the.

driven precast piling - Balfour Beatty

required to meet the load bearing specifications. Driven piles can ... CAD IMAGE OF PRECAST PILING RIG ... in concrete tapered ends) can be made to the pile.

FOUNDATIONS (Piles and Piling) | Products | Nippon Concrete

Precast concrete piles are constructed by driving, pre-boring, and inner boring. For the SC piles that are often installed as the upper pile, we recommend RSC or ...

driven precast piling - Balfour Beatty plc

required to meet the load bearing specifications. Driven piles can ... CAD IMAGE OF PRECAST PILING RIG ... in concrete tapered ends) can be made to the pile.

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