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An ordinary hardware store cement mixer, tap water, and play sand. Simpler and more environmentally friendly than using many other common abrasives that are used with rock tumblers. Add glass and allow to run for several hours. After running, drain the excess the sand-water slurry through a coarse screen.

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2018/9/24 · For caked on mud, one guy using a cement mixer did a few minutes of warm water rinse before his regular cleaning regimen. Several people commented that the pins made the brass "too clean", that it squeaked and bound somewhat on the decapping pin/expander, dropping the pins stopped that, the car wash/wax in the final rinse also helps size smoothly.

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RCBS makes a ginormous rotary tumbler that works great (costs greats as well) ... Go big man, think cement mixer, I went a little smaller and used a ... You can use them wet or dry (although most people run dry to clean brass).

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Cement mixer with five gallon bucket set inside and stuffed with anything I could find.

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6 Jan 2014 ... I actually use a home type concrete mixer filled with sand and gravel for ... I bought a tumbler supposed to be used by a person cleaning brass ...

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I wanted to make a tumbler for my used brass casings because I didn't have the $$$ to just go out and buy one. I wanted more capacity than the "normal" small...

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That mixer just won the Karma lottery.:thumbsup: The is no higher calling for a cement mixer than to clean Brass. Paint it blue and put a Dillon ...

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2014年3月9日 — Cheap stainless steel brass tumbler. ... I read somewhere of people using cheap plastic drum cement mixers for large batches with stainless ...

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2014/8/3 · The cement mixer works out well:) but, I do not get the polish of what a lot of my friends do who use pins and a Big Dawg or Frankfort. Since I am only using some soap and cool water at this point (I do not have hard water so I do not need Lemi Shine), I want to get something that I can run it through on a final rinse cleaning with pins.

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3 Jun 2019 ... The outside of the cases are nice and shiny (the brass-on-brass peening ... to retain the pins while washing off the cleaned brass in the tumbler. ... I had to build a cement mixer sized separator drum, no one I know builds one.

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3 hours in walnut and polish is 3x longer than I spend wet tumbling. It takes me an hour to clean 2000 pistol cases, from the time I throw them in the cement mixer, until I spread them out on a towel to dry. (I'm not counting the drying time) 2-3 days later the brass is ready to use. I wet tumble to save time

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Well, we had to get one of these tumblers to better advise on ratios. We have only used the cement mixer till now. Great input from customers has been where ... 評分:4.7 · ‎3 票

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This is how you clean a Whole crap ton of brass at one time. This is how you clean a Whole crap ton of brass at one time.

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I can either buy a rotary tumbler made for tumbling brass, or for less money, I can buy and re-purpose a ... 2017年8月8日 · 上傳者:Mark Wilson

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DIY: Wet Media Tumbler (Pic Heavy) Cement Mixers, Weapon, Tumbler, ... Home built wet media tumbler I build for cleaning brass with stainless steel pins. Last.

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2018年6月18日 — I seem to recall a member using a cement mixer for pin tumbling brass. Need the room, ability to drain without losing a bunch of pins, and of ... Concrete mixer as wet tumbler 2016年5月1日 Cement mixer as tumbler?? 2012年1月30日 Cement mixer case tumbler 2009年12月5日 castboolits.gunloads.com 的其他相關資訊

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2100W Electric Portable Cement Mixer, Used for Mixing Cement Slurry, Mortar, Paint Coating, 6-Speed Adjustment Function, Hand-Held Concrete Mixer With Rod, $106.99 $ 106 . 99 15% coupon applied at checkout Save 15% with coupon

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Now I use a small cement mixer and 25# of stainless steel pins with water, dish soap and Lemishine. I can put in about 20-25# of brass in that puppy, or about a 2.5 gallon bucketful. This is a whole different world though.

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I’m never cleaning my brass using anything other than a rotary tumbler from here on out ... Just some 308 and 50 bmg in a cement mixer View Comments Play 0:00 0:00 Settings Fullscreen 334 45 comments share save hide report 332 Posted by 6 days ago ...

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I can easily tumble all of this brass in one go in my dry media tumbler. now don't get me ... I've been tempted to buy a cement mixer. If I had had room in the ...

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I have an commercial cement mixer with Poly drum that I use to "dry clean" the brass once I get it from the range, then I sort. Brass is clean enough to go thru any of my presses then I remove the lube and polish on other tumbler using water, Dawn, Lemishine and SS media.

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I watched a video of Jerry Michelec using a cement mixer to wet tumble his brass. He dumped a full 5 gal bucket of brass in at a time. Tumbled for 2 hours with liquid soap. I looked at a cement mixer in Harbor Freight and it was close tot he same price as the FA tumbler. If I had more room that is the way I'd process my brass.

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I first heard of this years ago - Lee Jurras of Super Vel fame used cement mixers to tumble brass and loaded ammo. The last time I was in Mr. Jurras' shop he was speaking of tumbling brass. Said: Thought I had a bunch of mixers till I went in the back of the S&W shop. They had a room full of mixers polishing parts.

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Anyone try using stainless steel media in standard type brass tumblers? ... out the cheddar for one of those cement mixer brass cleaners.

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This 1-1/4 cubic ft. capacity portable cement mixer has a powerful belt driven 1/4 HP motor and is ideal for small do-it-yourself jobs such as fence pole foundations and curb repair. Featuring rugged steel construction and 8 in. solid rubber wheels, this cement mixer is both durable and portable. Belt driven 1/4 HP motor; 35 RPM drum speed

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Jun 27, 2015 · Have to love the creativity of using the cement mixer. My thoughts did go to the big 20yd jobs with 5 axles. Really hard to gauge condition of used brass from the stainless tumbling processes, unless there are pressure rings evident. Used brass is a crap shoot that I have lost more often than won.

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16 Jun 2016 ... I normally clean my brass using a sonic cleaner but now that my eyes are ... to me and about another 60 pounds of mixed brass in an old cement mixer my ... Steel shot of any kind is too heavy for a vibratory tumbler and will ...

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Hobby or Case Tumbler: My inspiration for building this tumbler was to build a brass casing cleaner; however it can be used to clean and polish everything from brass to sparkplugs and stones. I built it out of easy to get materials and parts that satisfy the three R's of …

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Homemade Deburring Tumbler Homemade Tools Concrete Mixers Tumbler ... Diy Brass Wet Tumbler Rock Tumbler Diy Rock Tumbler Diy Tumblers.

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Amazing deals on this 1.25 Cubic Ft Compact Cement Mixer at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices. 評分:4 · ‎397 則評論

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Description. Capacity 225 litres, concrete style Mixers. Machine details. New Machines 4 Food Tumbler Mixer. Model Uniball 225 Mixer Tumbler. All stainless ...

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Rotary Tumbler will cost approximately $180 - $300, and SS media about $50/5lbs. This will hold about 15 lbs of media/brass/water. Given the relatively low cost of the small electric cement mixer from Harbor Freight or Northern Tools ($150), why not use a cement mixer with stainless media for wet processing or Corncob/Walnut for dry processing?

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For those who use a cement mixer to clean brass Reloading ... - It will work the cases much quicker than a vibratory tumbler, which can be good, or bad if you walk ...

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Clean Your Cement Mixer the Easy Way. The Splash Stoppa Cement Mixer Lid will make cleaning cement mixers safer, easier & stop splashes. Buy Online >>

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3 Jun 2014 ... ... anyone ever tried using a small electric cement mixer to tumble brass? ... of a larger tumbler, I can get a small cement mixer at Harbor Freight, ...

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